We offer a Fitting/Installation/Coding  service on a range of our products, why not come along and have the personal experience and let us fit your new parts.


Common Installation 

USDM Kits From £65.00 Supplied and Fitted

JDM Rear Light Kits From £65.00 Supplied and Fitted

Flip Up Plate Installation from £80


Were now happy to announce that we provide BMW Coding at a flat rate of £30 per session regardless of how many features we turn on/off. Some features include USDM Sidelights, Digital Speedometer, Alarm Chirp, Welcome lights setup, Double Hazard flash and more….


Fitting is subject to location and specification.

We will try our hardest to assist and offer this service where we can, but unfortunately it wont always be possible.

Please contact us to discuss fitting and prices.